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After-School Programs

We try to involve kids in science thru the fun!

Crazy Science has created unique after schools program which combines fun and education science projects for kids.

Our extremely educational experiments we create in spectacular form to get kids an easy way to understand the world.

On class, kids have workshop part and fun spectacular part, which is guarantee involving kids in scientific discovery.

Our program is interactive and includes different topics such as Liquid nitrogen, polymer discovery, a discovery with dry ice, electric, Tesla discoveries ets.

Kids are able to take some after class and show it to his parents and continue studying at home with family.


Children’s will be excited because They will able to create:

  • storm in the bottle
  • scientific soda
  • super slimes
  • the sound of thunder
  • magic fog
  • frozen rose

 Science is great!


Crazy Science after school program is...

Our classes are intersecting with schools knowledge which is helping kids learning better in school, which is Really important.
Focused on STEAM.
Perfect for all school grades and pre-schools scientists. Crazy science really happy to come to your location, we located close to you. And happy to collaborate with schools and education centers to do the best for our kids.
To find out more about after-school programs, we recommend your contact with our after schools education department shortly!


Crazy science show provide services as after-school classes, camp session and science show presentation. Science for school kids.

  • We collaborate with schools, education centers, camps, kindergarten science.
  • We provide our service in your location and can come to you anytime, anywhere for fun science fair projects.
  • We have DOE vendor #.

Join our community today! Make fun with kids and education science projects Find out more info.