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mad science

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"Summer Camp Program"

Crazy Science has created a unique crazy science camp program which combines more fun and little education part. Our fun educational experiments we create in spectacular form to get kids an easy way to understand the scientific world. Science summer camp will help kids feel like real scientists, and kids make crazy scientific experiments themselves. We created crazy science summer camp programs to give an opportunity for kids to learn more about magic science, where science function becomes a reality!


Crazy scientist

At a scientific holiday for children, there must be a leader - one of the adults, who plays the role of a crazy scientist. This funny professor with funny habits and disheveled hair will help children conduct science experiments for kids in chemistry and physics. Children will definitely not get bored with him!


Crazy Science

A science show for children will be a fascinating journey into the world of science and easy science experiments. In the laboratory of the crazy professor, everything explodes, hisses and sparkles, but the main thing is that everything is safe. The real show is crazy science, serious equipment and fantastic results - the best for a child who is interested in experiences.


Crazt science party

A crazy science party is a great idea for a child’s birthday, where the birthday man and his guests can make new discoveries and conduct interesting experiments. These are not only positive impressions but also useful knowledge that children will learn with pleasure.

Crazy Science of New York - here you can choose and book unforgettable science kids activities for your crazy science party. Crazy Science Shows holds children's birthday crazy science party and graduation parties.

crazy scientist

crazy scientist is a caricature of a scientist who is described as "crazy" or "insane" owing to a combination of unusual or unsettling personality traits and the unabashedly ambitious, taboo or hubristic nature of their experiments. Wikipedia

Crazy science camp

crazy science summer camp. Crazy Science has created a crazy science summer camps program which combines more fun and little education part.

Special offers mad science party
kids shows NYC - Crazy Science Show

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We are true professionals in our industry and guarantee that you and your child will spend an unforgettable time in a useful way. Crazy Science Show always surpasses expectations and delights children and their parents!

Easy science for kids is a great theme for kids party. Scientific experiments for children are fun and informative. Give your child unforgettable impressions and new discoveries together in science for kids.