Baby beaver named after footballer Marcus Rashford by popular vote

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Public chooses name for first kit to be born on Exmoor for 400 years

Rashford, the baby beaver and mother at Holnicote Estate in Somerset. Rashford the beaver kit with its mother at Holnicote estate in Somerset. Photograph: National Trust/PARashford the beaver kit with its mother at Holnicote estate in Somerset. Photograph: National Trust/PA


First there were public calls for a £200m polar research vessel to be called Boaty McBoatface, which the powers that be sadly turned down.

This time the National Trust has honoured the results of a poll to name a baby beaver after the footballer Marcus Rashford.

The choice of name was opened up to the public on Tuesday after the first kit, or baby beaver, was born on Exmoor in 400 years as part of the charity’s celebration of England reaching the Euro 2020 final. The name Rashford received 49.9% of the votes cast. Banksy came second, with 17% of the vote, followed by Hope and Pip each with about 16%.

Baby beaver born on Exmoor for first time in 400 years

Rashford’s birth follows the successful reintroduction of two adult beavers, Grylls and Yogi, to Exmoor in January 2020.

Ben Eardley, the project manager for the National Trust on the Holnicote estate, said they had been overwhelmed with interest in their latest addition to the beaver family.

“It’s fantastic that so many people are just as excited as we are that our project to reintroduce beavers to this special landscape has been such a success,” he said.

“Rashford is a brilliant choice … and reminds people of a moment in this country’s footballing history after an amazing tournament for the England team. The kit gives us hope for future generations.”

Beavers became extinct in Britain in the 16th century after being heavily hunted by humans, but they have been gradually reintroduced at several sites since the turn of the millennium.

The National Trust’s reintroduction project forms part of its Riverlands programme, which aims to increase biodiversity in the UK.


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