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What is the Crazy Science Show?
The Science Show is a theatre shows suitable for children where each guest not only has fun but learns new things. We arrange a science laboratory on-site where in entertaining form the basic laws of physics and chemistry are demonstrated. Each show program consists of fun science experiments, in which children themselves take part. The Crazy Science Show is the best option for a child's birthday if you want to please him or her with something new, exciting and really interesting.
What do you discover and experiment with?
We conduct experiments with light, color, electricity and gravity. Our favorite substances are dry ice and liquid nitrogen, because you can create many fantastic reactions and "scientific wonders" utilized them. On our science show objects fly, lightnings are born right in the room, and soap bubbles do not burst. Also, cotton candy is very popular among children and adults. Children are able to make it by themselves and enjoy. We have mysterious and fascinating discoveries in the dark, experiments with luminescence and polymers, optical illusions and beautiful chemical reactions. And also, children love to make super-jelly, miracle worms and slimes with their hands!
Will children not get bored?
No way! Our hosts are professionals who will pay attention to every child. Moreover, the Crazy Science Show is completely interactive. Each child will take part in all experiments and discoveries. Children will feel like real scientists or even little wizards. Also, they will be able to misbehave under our control - to make a lot of smoke, shoot out a laser gun, make a soap volcano and a Coca-Cola geyser. Scientific miracles, new knowledges and fun - are everything you need for an amazing children's party.
Is it safe?
All experiments are conducted under the control of our specialists and are completely safe. Of course, children should comply with the simple rule - do not touch props and reagents without the permission of hosts. We do not use harmful, combustible, toxic, poisonous, narcotic and aggressive substances in our experiments.
What age is the show suitable for?
The show is great for children from 3 to 16 years old. We have science experiments for 4 year olds, 5,6,7 e.t.с.
Is my kid too small for the show?
We really love science for little kids. Our youngest guests perfectly react to a bright and active show! Moreover, we collected for them the most colorful experiments!
If your kid is already 3 years old, he or she will be fully involved in the process of scientific experiments performance.
If children are 2-3 years old, we advise parents to be around during all the experiments, that it was easier for kids to get acquainted with the Professor and study cheerfully their first laws of physics, chemistry and natural sciences.
Is my child too grown-up for the show?
We present each show differently in various age groups. For those older children we will tell more about physics, chemistry and natural sciences. Else we have third grade science experiments.
Therefore, if your child is not older than 16, then believe us, he or she, and even you will watch attentively our Crazy Science Show! And you will be strongly surprised!
Do you leave a mess? Do kids get dirty?
Absolutely not! We care about cleanliness. If the Professor makes a mess, he always tidies things up!
Participants of the show do not get dirty during performance and remain clean after.
How does the show go?
1 - Our Professor comes to the site 30 minutes before the show, with all necessary equipments.
2 - He prepares for the show. To do this, he needs only a table (doesn’t matter which one you have) and access to hot water (or a kettle).
3 - Hosts an unforgettable Science Show, in which children actively participate, and a birthday kid becomes the main assistant to our Professor!
4 - Picks up all equipment, clean the site. Children and the room remain clean after the performance.
5 - Gives you the Club Card. Leaves your territory and waits for new meetings.
Who are your Professors?
All of our Professors have an education in acting.
Each Professor has experience working with children from 3 to 16 years old.
Each Professor undergoes 3-months training at the Crazy Science Laboratory.
Believe us, you will be fascinated and the whole company of children will want to be friends with our Professor!
How long does the show last?
The show lasts from 45 minutes. But we are always ready to add more fun!
Another 15 minutes for the creation of Miracle Worms, and then another 20 minutes for eating scientific cotton candy? Easy!
You want something else? No problem! We have more than 15 fun experiments that you can add to every show! Go to our Smart Calculator and choose everything that seems the most fun to you!
Can you come home/to a cafe?
Sure! We come to any site. Our mobile laboratory works with in the school, kindergarten, in the apartment and outside the city. All you need is a table and hot water. 
Do you need cool science experiments for school? it's easy for us!
Is it possible to eat what was prepared during experiments?
Not always! For example, snow is not edible, although absolutely safe. But cotton candy can and should be eaten by everyone!
We have a small apartment. How to deal with it? What do you need for the show?
We do not need much space, only a table and a little space in front of it. The main thing is that the entire company of children will have convenient seats in front of the table and could watch the show attentively.
How many children can be invited to your show?
The show is designed for any number of children - from one to several dozen. But most often we work for groups of 5 to 20 people. For an audience starting from 30 people we have a special show - the program "Discoveries for a large audience." The Crazy Science Show has experience working in shopping centers, children's social centers and summer camps, kindergartens and schools.
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