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Our Science Camps is so much fun program!

Crazy Science has created a unique Science camps program which combines more fun and little education part.

Our fun educational experiments we create in spectacular form to get kids an easy way to understand the scientific world.

Science camps will help kids feel like real scientists, and kids make crazy scientific experiments themselves.

We created science camp programs to give an opportunity for kids to learn more about magic science, where science function becomes a reality!


Children will be surprised when they:

Discover eazy chemical reactions witch can be cool.

  • Build an electronic chain.
  • launch a flying ship from coca cola.
  • Be able to touch the air.
  • Create squeeze toy and get to take it home
  • Learn about color
  • discover more about solid, Liquid, gas states


Crazy Science vacation and camp programs are:


  • 100% interactive.
  • Amazing workshop time.
  • Develop the ability to think.
  • Suitable for all age groups of children.
  • Dynamic and educational.
  • Science is fun!


It is time to have a fun with Crazy Science!


Crazy science really happy to come to your location and collaborate with schools, camps and education centers to do the best for our kids.
To find out more about summer camps and vacation programs, we recommend your contact with our after department shortly!

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The best vacation for children - science camps

The Crazy science program is a science camp that will be interesting to those kids who want to learn new things, dream about experiments and their own discoveries, are not indifferent to the surrounding nature and want to learn all its secrets. We support and develop children's interest in the natural sciences, helping children to increase their knowledge in biology, chemistry and other scientific disciplines in order to further develop in research activities.