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Cotton Candy Machine Rental in NY, NYC, NJ

Cotton candy rental packages:

  • 1h - $115 ( 150 supplies)
  • All Day- $160 (200 supplies)

Call/text 347-401-24-94
To speak with a representative: hello@scienceshowforkids.com



Size: 19.00(h) x 20.50(w) x 20.50(d)
Weight: 33.7 pounds


  •     Supplies for 100 Servings
  •     Organic Sugar
  •     Silly Nilly Pink Vanilla & Boo Blue Raspberry
  •     Additional Servings Upon Request
  •     Commercial Machine
  •     Easy to use ( 2-4 min to set up )
  •     Work Fast ( 30 seconds per serving )

Product Description

The cotton candy maker from Crazy science makes it easy to create fun, fluffy cotton candy.

Don’t be worry! Our team will teach you how to make your cotton candy!

Bring the childhood whimsy and delight to your next event—rent a cotton candy machine! These bold, bright, iconic party rentals are as festive as they are fun, and turn out dozens and dozens of deliciously sweet, fluffy cotton candy cones in just minutes.

The large stainless steel bowl looks great but also keeps the working area safe and is detachable and thus very easy to clean. A machine that is ultra-quiet, easy to use, and easy to clean. This is perfect for carnvials, churches, schools, fundraisers, varsity clubs, birthday parties, concessionaires, and anyone else looking to make cotton candy quickly and efficiently.

For kids, it’s the perfect go-to between party time fine and, for adults, it brings back the sweet, fun taste of childhood summers—there’s no better treat! All packages include a full-cotton candy machine rental (no cart, no cover, is easy to move by any car) . Your booking also comes complete with plenty of cotton candy supplies—disposable cones, pre-mixed floss sugar, plus a uniformed attendant to whip up swirling pink cotton candy for the entire party.

Cotton candy party rentals are available across our entire New York service area, including Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Westchester. Call now to book your cotton candy party rental, and get ready for the best party yet!

How does it work:

  •     Step #1 - choose amount of time and supply
  •     Step #2 - book it


Cotton candy rental packages:

  •     1h - $115 ( 150 supplies)
  •     All Day- $160 (200 supplies)

Need more? Text us: 347-401-24-94

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