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Science BOX "Discoveries with Polimers"

Grow watery crystals, create a rainbow in a plate, explore the science of color and more. Represents STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) principles – open ended toys to construct, engineer, explorer and experiment.


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If you really like balloons we you can do it as much as you want.

We selling helium for your balloon party.
Big and small tanks.
Refills your tank anytime.

Delivery available
Monday - Friday


Enjoy experiments with Liquid nitrogen, such as:
Dragon breath ( frozen popcorn)
Home made ice cream with liquid nitrogen ( -321 F , cryo nitro ice cream, cryogenics)


Liquid nitrogen experiments

You can learn:
How dangerous is liquid nitrogen, science experiments liquid nitrogen, what’s happens if you put 30L of Liquid Nitrogen in the Pool, fun with liquid nitrogen


Purchasing liquid nitrogen :
$6 per litter
10 litter is minimum


We are selling dry ice and supply.
You can do fun dry ice experiments with your kids at home and school with dry ice cube.
What is the dry ice, how fun it is you can learn together. dry ice experiments easier and enjoyable. Block dry ice is really good for it to.

10 pounds minimum
$3 per pound

Up to 50
$2 per pound